. Comfortable student rooms in Karlsruhe
Comfortable student rooms in Karlsruhe

+++ no fraternity ++ no religious or ideological commitment +++

The offer

As an independent, non-religious or ideological organization, we offer comfortably equipped student rooms in currently two dormitories, conveniently located to KIT and Karlsruhe city center. We score with quality and service and are not subject to any restrictions from public, religious or ideologically bound sponsorships.

In contrast to many other student residences, our houses are also open to doctoral students. Trainees can also be accepted under certain circumstances. In no case is there an acceptance obligation.

Ochsentorstr. 11

Student residence O11

The house at Ochsentorstraße 11 was opened in 2018. It offers 24 single and one double rooms on three floors.

The location in the middle of the historic Durlach old town has its special charm. Also the good tram connection to KIT (eleven minutes), to Hochschule für Musik (University of Music) (nine minutes) as well as to Karlsruhe city center make the location interesting for students.

Hildebrandstr. 1

Student residence H1

The house in Hildebrandstrasse 1 offers 27 comfortable, furnished student rooms on three floors. The location, only nine minutes from the university, is particularly attractive for KIT students. You can get to the Hochschule für Musik (University of Music) even faster.

The house opened in 2019 with a single floor. The conversion of two more floors came to a standstill due to the Corona crisis. All twenty-seven rooms should be ready by the beginning of the 2020 winter semester.

Those who love delicious Asian food will find a restaurant on the ground floor of the house.

Rooms and services

Our facility does not offer "self-administration" in which you have to discuss cleaning plans and the like. Regular cleaning of all shared areas is guaranteed by a permanent housekeeper. You only have to clean your cooking utensils and dishes yourself in the existing dishwasher; the work surfaces should be left in an orderly condition after cooking. You are of course responsible for your own room. Painting and renovating when moving in or out is also not necessary for you. A caretaker is available for technical services.

All rooms are fully furnished with a bed, wardrobe, desk, an office swivel chair, a television and a refrigerator. Internet access via LAN and WLAN is offered as a free additional service.

A modern kitchen is available for common use on each floor, with mostly two ovens, two microwaves, a hob, as well as a sink and dishwasher. There are refrigerators in the rooms. There are sufficient showers and toilets on all floors.


The location of the building is in the center of Durlach's old town. Shops for daily needs, doctors, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs, everything can be found within walking distance. The tram stops on the next corner, maybe two minutes away. The travel time to KIT is just eleven minutes.

The building is located on the western edge of the Durlach district, it is as close to the Durlach train station as it is to the motorway access to the A5 and A8. Those who come with their own car are clearly better off here. Parking is free in the entire area. It is about a one to two minute walk to the next tram stop. The tram ride to KIT takes nine minutes from here.

Shops can be found in the immediate vicinity. Diagonally opposite you will find a large EDEKA market and a bakery, as well as a drugstore. The next ALDI is less than five minutes by bike. You are just as quick in Durlach's old town.


The basic rent of the fully furnished rooms varies depending on the size, layout and location of the rooms from 320 to 380 euros. In the dormitory O11 there is also a single double room for a student couple at a price of 500 euros.

In addition to the basic monthly rent, there is a flat rate for operating costs and services, which is 100 euros per resident.

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